Frank X DreamWakers: An Edtech Partnership

This fall, DreamWakers and Frank partnered for a series of video chats to bring Frank’s professionals to high school classrooms around the country to teach students about financial aid. So far, Frank has helped over 300,000 students access financial aid resources. They’ve created a path to $7 Billion in funds for higher education. Their mission is to make quality education affordable for all. DreamWakers has served 10,000 students in classrooms in over 36 states by bringing diverse professionals to underserved classrooms. Below, read two Q & As: one with DreamWakers’ CEO Monica Gray Logothetis and one with Frank CEO Charlie Javice to learn more about Frank, DreamWakers and how we partnered for four flashchats to impact students’ futures.

Q&A with Frank CEO Charlie Javice:

What is the hardest thing about completing FAFSA®?

Families often get confused by questions on the form leading to incorrect information being entered. Incorrect answers can either lead to delayed aid or can result in the student not getting all of the aid that they are eligible for. When students file with Frank, not only is it free but it’s so much easier because not only do we focus on adding features that make it painless to file but we put in validation and guard rails to ensure families enter the correct information, so they don’t run into problems. For families that have questions, we provide live support, so they can get connected to a real person.

What is a common misconception about the form/process?

There are a lot of misconceptions around eligibility for financial aid. We found that some first generation students don’t apply because they are concerned that they may not be eligible for aid because of the status of their parents and many adult students don’t apply because they don’t think that they will get aid.The message that we try to get out there is that it’s free to apply and that students are more likely to be eligible than they think.

How did partnering with DreamWakers help Frank access more students?

Frank’s partnership with DreamWakers provided an opportunity for our team to impact tens of students at a time. We appreciate every opportunity to directly connect with students. Any additional resources we can provide to our students, moves us one step closer to our goal: to get students to and through school.

#DreamSpeakers from Frank included Frank CEO Charlie Javice, Frank Operations Manager Stefanie Buffa, Frank UI/UX Designer Charlotte Suitt and Frank Head of Product David Glauber. They all encouraged studends to pursue their dreams, and seek help by means of financial aid.

Last week, Stefanie told students in a #flashchat, “Colleges are looking for the best version of yourself, so make sure you are doing the best you can in high school because it does matter.”

In her flashchat with a classroom of 12th graders, Charlie Javice told students, “[at frank] we have 20 people which is a lot of fun. Everyone comes from very different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common: we’ve all suffered through the financial aid… nightmare.” She explained that at Frank, they strive to make applying for financial aid as easy as a 4 minute application from your phone.

After Charlie logged off, we asked students a few questions about the flashchat. First, we asked how many of them had met with a CEO of a financial aid company before. Zero students raised their hands. Then we asked, “After hearing about Frank, by show of hands, how many of you are ever going to apply for financial aid?” Ten students raised their hands.

Thank you Charlie Javice and Stefanie Buffa for inspiring these students and giving them more resources to dream!