Fear and Evolutionary Beings

Why fear? Let us practice the observation of the reality of what happens. What is worry? Worrying seems to be a form of anxiety, software we run, about potential futures that have no potential absolute mapping onto our real experience that arises.

We are evolutionary beings: who we are and how we are in those futures is going to vary very drastically from what we think or expect. We could believe that our future self fits into the box that we’re running our anxiety software to fit us into if we’re not really in touch with how we feel in our consciousness, by our emotional experience, as we arrive each time at that future. We could put ourselves in a box, meaning we could give away our power and just observe ourself as a thin, compressed signal of a consciousness, like “Oh, I’m just a human, and I just do X with my life. This is my definition that I live in, that I am.” As we narrativize ourselves in these simple ways, that’s the box we’re putting ourselves in to be aware of ourselves as only that constant, that belief, that rigid model of our self. We can let go of this reduction of who we are.

We all know deep down that we are greater, bigger, stronger, more expansive, more capable. We may fear our potential because we have operated based on wanting to know who we will be. At what cost, using the past to limit the future? We can let go of all of the frames. We can let go of even our identity. And still we will be here, we will exist. What looks like a kind of death, a way we believe we cannot be, will be realized as a transformation as we will still be here on the other side of that perspective, alive and well and empowered.

May we stand in our power, move into the fear that we limit ourselves by, and realize ourselves as #infinitybeing: #consciousness. // #whoami #whoarewe

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