On Fear, Agreements, and Knowing Thyself

Ask yourself that question: how does my fear or anxiety serve me? How does my relationship to myself, the way I narrativize my relationship to myself, serve my actual feeling of fulfillment and connection and sustainability and thriving on this planet?

For me, the only thing that does, is realizing myself, self-realization, or the journey unto. What it means to become real, to achieve enlightenment, whatever you want to call it, self-actualization — if you step outside of Western culture, largely predicated upon Dualism (contrast and comparison, the idea of right and wrong, true and false, a multitude of binary), then self-actualization… “actual”… ah! I am.. being.. here.. now. “Actual” means “now” or “as happening”, like “reality as caused/created/done/enacted” — you can see it in the word etymologically.

We can be so conscious of our emotional experience, and our connectedness to ourself, and these “other” be-ings (plants, creatures, etc.), right now. Actually, actually. But I can only get there if I let go of all of the decorum and norms and mores and tropes and socialization and culture and memetic impositions that we accept implicitly, that we let in, that we let into our inner space, like an external entity that is not the truth of the self, like “I’m gonna believe in this external set of ideas that tell me what truth is and how to live my life so that I can eke out just a little bit of happiness for myself within a frame that looks like X, Y, and Z.” There are all kinds of formulas you can run for yourself, but the big question for me has just been: is that actually making me happy? And do I feel fulfilled and connected? Deeply, profoundly, truly, (madly!)? Am I happy with a frame, a set of constraints on my way of being, that I let in and have allowed myself to run, to live in? Is this agreement serving me?

The reality seems to be that there seems to be no external truth that we can know before we know ourselves. External reality, external ideas, the universe, “Truth”, seems to be a projection (like a projector projects an image onto a canvas, we can “project” our self onto something “external”). Consider: how many senses does it take to perceive objective reality? Do we have enough? Can we absolutely know something “external”? Visual reality seems to be a holographic projection. The truth is, We. We are the truth. And we can be fully conscious of the truth. We can know the truth by knowing ourselves. I am the truth. I am a being. We are truth. Know thyself. And what is true now is not what was true before. Reality evolves. We evolve, every moment, at every level. We are evolutionary beings, a part of life happening. And we can know ourselves by looking inward and observing (introspection) with equanimity (of equal animus, balanced mind, calm, in equilibrium). Hence: “Know thyself.”

Change is the only constant. Metachange is the only change that is the only constant. Etcetera. As one realizes oneself, as one processes and integrates all parts of oneself, all conditioning within the self, what is now, who we are, in this moment, actually, one realizes that the external is the internal. The separation dissolves. We can all realize that we are infinitely powerful to know ourselves.

May we realize our infinite power to know ourselves.

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