Transformation, Politics, & Practice

My entire perspective on politics and news media has been shifting underneath me, every moment since I began practicing their abstention. I eliminated them from my life so as to know what reality was like without them, to independently experience it, regardless of the stories and what I thought I perceived.

Much like I have practiced letting go of so many stories of who I thought I was, and what I thought reality was, and how I perceived others communicating to me that it was, such as ego, a place to live, a “career”, a single track, the dotted line, relationships, money, friends, “enemies”, meat, heterosexual practice, Judaism, the name “Jared”, etcetera (etmetara). Who am I? Who are we?

Why is there the perception of separation? Why do we feel exclusively alone? How do we remain in community on a sustainable basis, present with each other, united, as an intentional, conscious practice?; community whether in a relationship with a significant other, a family, a team, a religious group, a school grade, a state, a city, a town, nature, society, a country, the world — how do we remain in community? What can we intentionally practice to sustain ourselves on this planet?

What I find is that communication is the key to community.

I have found this in every relationship I have ever experienced. Including my relationship to myself, my self, me. In communion with myself. With all people. Clear, effective, intentionally loving communication, coming from a source of love. We all have the power in us to share love. It can start within, and then others can feel it. We can all learn or remember how to practice love. In every relationship, every experience, with every person, with ourselves, even every moment. It may be frightening. It may be tough. And, it is possible.

I would nearly go so far as to call it a civic duty; and yet I wish for this to be an invitation, not an obligation. Only as we are each free in conscience and consciousness to choose, or to be allowed, to love each other, can we build community. And as we free ourselves to love ourselves, may we realize community within. Thank you for being.

I hereby express publicly an intention I have expressed in smaller community: I will listen deeply first, in silence, and I will observe any identification or friction that arises, and I will choose to respond with love. This is an intention, and as such I may not always perform fully successfully — this is where even the freedom to “fail” comes in — and yet it is my intention and so you can ask me to check in with my intention, and I will set an intention to check in with my own intention; and as we are open, honest, and authentic as we communicate, so may we sustain ourselves.

Jared Scheib || dream-a || #DRMA
Co-Transformer, PLURALife Media // #PLURALife #media
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