I’ve got a few minutes of unexpected downtime.

So — like second nature it seems — my mind moves to open Facebook.

Oh, but.. wait, I just deleted it from my phone two days ago. But how about on my computer? I logged out two days ago, with intention.

Instagram? Same story. Twitter and LinkedIn, same. Jesus, how did I ever get to the point where I was checking LinkedIn on weekends, anyway?

So, ok. I’ve got this intention and growing drive in me to write. So yeah, let’s start with now. I’ve turned down this impulse for a decade.

I hesitate — do I have enough time? …

Emotion AI is a Meetup series and community forum dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration and intersection of artificial intelligence, emotion, feeling, neuroscience, art, creativity, technology, and more. We’ve held two events so far in the past few months, and for now are aiming to hold another every 2–3 months, alternating between SF and NYC.

For the Meetup series, we’ll bring together technical and non-technical speakers and audiences at this intersection for talks, conversations, and interactive activities to approach emotion and feeling from the perspectives of deep learning, machine learning, software, neuroscience, psychology, the social sciences, design, art, film & theater, therapy, and other professional disciplines.

Look for a more detailed blog post to come, and in the meantime check out the overview and the keynote video from our first Meetup at https://emotion.ai!

I just shared a poignant conversation with Sean, who is sleeping on the street in San Francisco tonight.

He asked if I had a lighter. I did, and I asked if I could sit down beside him, in his bed pile of cardboard and soiled blankets. He consented.

I lit his cigarette and sat. He had a beautiful nose-piercing that reminded me of a beautiful partner. And he cried, unsolicited. I supported his wrist with my hand, like a tiny hug.

He said he was here to get the evil out of the city, that he was here to bring all the people back together in San Francisco. And he cried at the pain of cops being hurt, and of people hurt by the system. …


Jared Scheib

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