I’ve got a few minutes of unexpected downtime.

So — like second nature it seems — my mind moves to open Facebook.

Oh, but.. wait, I just deleted it from my phone two days ago. But how about on my computer? I logged out two days ago, with intention.


Emotion AI is a Meetup series and community forum dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration and intersection of artificial intelligence, emotion, feeling, neuroscience, art, creativity, technology, and more. We’ve held two events so far in the past few months, and for now are aiming to hold another every 2–3 months, alternating between SF and NYC.

For the Meetup series, we’ll bring together technical and non-technical speakers and audiences at this intersection for talks, conversations, and interactive activities to approach emotion and feeling from the perspectives of deep learning, machine learning, software, neuroscience, psychology, the social sciences, design, art, film & theater, therapy, and other professional disciplines.

Look for a more detailed blog post to come, and in the meantime check out the overview and the keynote video from our first Meetup at https://emotion.ai!

I just shared a poignant conversation with Sean, who is sleeping on the street in San Francisco tonight.

He asked if I had a lighter. I did, and I asked if I could sit down beside him, in his bed pile of cardboard and soiled blankets. He consented.

I lit…

How Voting Could Work Now, 240 Years Later

We start from the following principle: An ideal government represents and is accountable to all its people equally.

In order to better realize this ideal government, we have set out to make voting more trustable, efficient, and accessible.

We believe modern technology, like digital devices and distributed ledgers, can help…

at times I feel I’m shouting
even though it’s never loud

I’m thinking “this is a reflection”
or maybe “here’s a space to go”
and really “way to be”

as the space is in the being,
that becomes of having pointed
or reacted, as reflection,

and the space is who we are
as we become, as we respond

and as I hear the silence
maybe of imperception
I change course
and who am I then, there
as a covolutionary element
as the cosmos


the anonymity of being
in a way that isn’t real,

a freedom of directory,
to allow the things I feel..

in a way that is protecting
in a way that holds my space,

a way, a space I need to hold
while double bound, however sold.

this is an accusation.
here is pain, blame, anger.

in dreams she sang
sanguinely of spirit, free~
just how I need to wish to be.


let’s get together

and practice being 100% real
or as close as possible

as we can each muster
as we feel able and willing

to have the energy
to burn the effigy
to learn the entropy

of bisection.

of bisectionary recipes
of functionary pedigrees
memetic unxious memories
expressing a vasectomy
an alchemy of breast and bee

a tincture made delectably
a potion craft of energy

expressed in love
and especially real


i refuse to compromise
the truth
of who i am
volving irresolving
every moment ever mountained
ever lived in ever

as i saw a window with a
sunbeam glancing
sunbeam glancing
son we can sing
sun beam glances
glancing through a window portrait
fixed within a simple pin
open, maybe

i approach the pin dropped
marker of a place a
spacetime pinpoint
dropped upon a map by

and why has this window frame
this door become perceived
unveiled its breast to me
that heart may give its energy

love i refuse to compromise
the truth within my heart

a practice is something we do

it can become a habit over time
some practices can feel “constructive” and some “destructive”

we realize this over time by practicing
(whether or not we realized it was a practice)

and you can observe how changing your practices
can change your life
we have all…

Jared Scheib

Transformation Technology for Our Future | #RealitySurf

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