Post Traumatic Growth: The Best Diagnosis You’ll Receive All Day
The Inclusive Liz Jackson

We should give much more exposure to the concept of Post Traumatic Growth. When all you see and hear in the media is about Post Traumatic Stress, you come to believe that there is only one, dismal, pathetic outcome to tragedy. The mere mention of another possibility opens the door to mental and physical resurgence. We become victims of availability bias if only one concept dominates public awareness. Even more so is it important that clinical psychologists and psychiatrists take Post Traumatic Growth seriously. If these professionals’ first reaction is to focus on stress, without emphatically pointing towards growth, patients are doomed to just “hanging on” without the option of victory over adversity. I first became aware of the concept of Post Traumatic Growth through Nassim Taleb’s book Antifagile. It’s well worth turning to Antifragile to see how Post Traumatic Growth fits into a comprehensive practical philosophy of life.

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