Cedars Business Services: Wondering Why They Are Calling You?

Cedars Business Services: Wondering why they are calling you?

If you’ve ever been contacted by a debt collector, you know it’s not fun. Having an unpaid debt in this fast-paced life is very common. Even records say that “77 million Americans — 35 percent of adults with credit files — have debt in collections”. So you are not alone here.

We know dealing with an overdue debt is overwhelming. Your phone keeps ringing and they won’t stop asking for money. But all of it can become easy when you understand the process and know who is calling you. After all, a pending bill of any type can affect your credit score and negatively harm your financial health for a long run.

Generally, there is a misconception about debt collectors. They are badly known for their policies. But not every debt collector mess around. There are agencies like cedars business services who has a reputation of collecting unpaid bills by not pushing the boundaries of law. They have a more focused debt collection strategy that keeps people at first.

So if you are getting behind on paying your monthly payments for a loan or credit card, chances are you’ll soon be contacted by cedars business services or any other third party debt collector for collection.

You must know the fact that Ignoring a debt won’t make it go away. But there are certainly more ways to work with it. Instead of worrying, solidify the knowledge about who cedars business services is and what is their strategy of debt collection. Let’s begin our learning.

Cedars Business Services: who are they?

Cedars business service widely known as Cedar Financial is an international third party collection agency headquartered in Southern California. They follow a human-centered approach to create focused payment solutions that work for both consumers and their clients. Cedar financial is a worldwide leader in commercial collections.They have a global coverage with a local presence since their inception in 1994.

Their debt collection services are split between domestic and international collections. In their international division, they conduct thousands of investigations in every country ranging from Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Australia, North and South America, Asia Pacific and India.

Under the cedars business services consumer collection division, they offer pre-collection account monitoring, 1st party collection for early delinquencies; traditional third-party collections; and litigation services. Cedar financial accepts accounts for industries like education, healthcare, e-commerce and government.

They don’t scam!

Cedars business services is not scam for sure. That’s the reason they are in business for such a long time. They are a legitimate debt collection agency and a longtime member of ACA international. They believe in putting people first approach and their policies are boldly explained on their website. They are transparent about their business strategies. They are professionals and are very strict when it comes to following the FDCPA guidelines. So there is no chance they are doing Scam.

Are they calling you?

Knowingly or unknowingly, if you have a pending payment for any of the following reasons, you are sure to be contacted by them. The reason for this can be:

  • Not paying your credit card bills
  • Pending installments for student loans
  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Mortgage
  • Upside down car loan

If you have been contacted by one of cedars representatives, it is because you fall in any one of these categories. Employees at cedar financial have received information about your unpaid debt and they are charged to collect that amount from you. So undoubtedly they will contact you, not once but several times because when you pay, they get paid.

In case you think they are contacting you in error or you want them to stop calling you, then you have a very flexible way to contact them and asking for to stop. Just fill their online form and let them know your concern.

Now let’s consider you are new to all this debt collection procedure and don’t have any idea about it. Having multiple doubts in this case is obvious. We contacted their customer support representatives and gathered information about the kind of requests they are receiving. Hope this will solve some of your queries too.

What should I do in case when I can’t recognize the claimed debt is mine?

This is a very general issue but it doesn’t mean cedar financial is calling you in error. Sometimes you don’t recognize the debt because may be the company you own the debt to has undergone a name change or may be acquired by a larger company. You might not recognize your debt in those cases but the debt is still legitimate.

But if you are not sure that a debt belongs to you, you can contact them and put forward a customer request. The representatives at cedars business services are professionals and helpful.

What should I do When I can not afford to pay the debt, I am charging for?

The legitimate debt collection agencies go to every extend to help their debtors to pay their unpaid debts. They do not force you to pay all of the debt at once. They do not want you to undergone another debt, just to repay your existing debt. So if you request, their representatives can create a reasonable and customized payment plan for you. You can pay in installments as well.

Do I really have to pay to debt collectors?

As we mentioned before, an unpaid debt is not healthy for your financial score. So there is no space for this question. If you ignore to pay to debt collectors long enough, it may leave the creditor with no choice but to take a legal action that would cost you even more. Instead of ignoring paying your debt, contact your debt collectors. They do every possible thing to make payment easy for you.

How can I identify a debt collection scam?

To save you from a fraud debt collection, here we are outlining a few warning signs for you. Have a look:

  • The debt collector threatens you with criminal charges.
  • The debt collector refuses to provide you all the information about your debt and harasses you to collect an amount you don’t even recognize.
  • There is no valid information to contact the debt collector. No emails and no working phone numbers.
  • The debt collector asks you for a sensitive personal finance information.

What should I do when I encounter a debt collection scam?

If you think you are contacted by a fake debt collector then:

  • Ask caller to provide his personal information like name, place, company name, street address and other contact numbers. Ask them for their legal license as many states require debt collectors to be licensed. Verify the information provided by the caller against your state’s attorney general. In case if the caller denies to provide any information or if you can’t verify the information, do not trust him and give any kind of personal information to him.
  • Never give out or confirm personal finance information like your bank account, credit card, or social security number unless you know who is calling you.
  • Stop communicating with the caller. If you can’t find any other solution then just raise a complaint and send them a letter to ask caller to stop contacting you. Also, keep a copy of your files.

So don’t fret over, if a debt collector is calling you. Don’t try to ignore them as they are working just to save you from a long-term financial crisis.