The Slowly Unfolding Story I

As you can see, I am bad at titles and names.

There was a small spacecraft out there in space. It had been turned off for quite a while. A person slept inside it.

After some time, the spacecraft finally got out of the asteroid’s shadow and was now in the light. Its one lonely solar panel got to work.

And so, the spacecraft went to life.


Cold air rolled across my skin. The sound of compressed air escaping. My first breath in a long while.

I stepped out of the pod into a ‘room’, if you could call it that, only twice the size of my pod. The two walls could be connected just my stretching out my arms.

On the opposite side of the pure black room was a raised area of sorts. At least, it looked like it. I moved forward and there was nothing on it.

I could see red lines running across it, but nothing. I gingerly poked at it as if it was some alien artifact, which, thinking about it, may very well be possible.

The part of the Console nearest to me lit up, an array of multicolored shapes and screens. “Hello,” a voice said, seemingly coming from everywhere. “What can I help you with?” they asked.

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