words: home

(a found poem — of sorts)

words spill quick, jumbled verse
 — dessert simmers, peach pink brown — 
elm trees falter, ancient still flaming — 
rooms wither, forlorn and faded home

— Inspired by the title of Sara Baume’s debut novel Spill Simmer Falter Wither

A reweaving of the poem, written in dual boustrophedon fashion… starts from the beginning and end, meets in the middle — flaming:

words: home
faded spill;
quick and forlorn jumble.
verse withers;
rooms brown, elms pink.
peach trees falter,
ancient still deserts

The peach trees are “still” (motionless? or nevertheless?) deserts:
“a suitable reward”
 — an obsolete noun from French deservir, “be worthy to have” — not dessert to be eaten, as meant in the first poem.

First published at Remuse (an idiosyncratic personal space.)