Top big fat celebrity weddings to inspire from!

There is an air of charm and magic when it comes to celebrity weddings. It makes every commoner jump in excitement and drop their jaw in awe to look how extravagantly the event is planned. Right from the destination to the designer clothes, lavish menu to celebrity performances, every detail makes the celebrity weddings surreal. They are so inspirational that when people plan their wedding, they surf for the top big fat celebrity weddings for ideas.

Here are some of the most famous happily ever after that made the people awestruck and inspire from:

Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput

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Shahid Kapoor shocked every fan by announcing his wedding. What took everybody aback is that he decided to marry a regular girl over a celebrity. The news seemed like a story straight out of a fairy-tale. He gifted Mira a solitaire worth Rs. 23 lakh. It might not be possible for everyone to arrange such an expensive ring. However, you can certainly understand the taste of your other half and customize it to impress her. What’s more interesting and inspiring is they got married in a ‘Gurudwara’.

Tip: It is all about understanding which function you wish to be elaborate and which you can cut down on. Big, fat weddings are not just about how much you spend, but how well you spend.

Harbhajan Singh & Geeta Basra

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It was not a surprise that Bhajji and his long time girlfriend announced their wedding. It was one of the most lavish weddings that India witnessed. Certainly, the Indian cricket wedding attended the wedding. It gives everybody some serious friendship goals. When you have strong friends, they would certainly be a part of your wedding. This in itself will make your wedding a grand one.

Tip: The moment your wedding date is finalized, you should inform your friends. This way they will reserve the date and will be available for your special day.

Arpita Khan & Ayush Sharma

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Arpita Khan’s wedding was the most talked about event of the year. Right from the sangeet, mehndi to haldi and the wedding, everything was elaborate. But the highlight of the wedding was Arpita’s speech for her family. She was so choked that she requested Priyanka Chopra to read it. When it comes to Indian weddings, you might not find a perfect ceremony to thank your family and friends. But you can always be ready with your letter and read out at the right moment.

Tip: If you have hired a wedding planner, you can discuss with him to accommodate this wish of yours. This little gesture will mean a lot to your family and friends and will certainly make your special day a big one too.

To reiterate, big fat weddings are about the moments and details that you put in the event. Take care in planning and participate in discussions. Be clear about your expectations and make sure they are executed well.

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