20 Delicious Cake Pop Ideas To Try Out For Your Party

Pamper your sweet tooth with better ideas

There’s no denying that there’s a child in all of us and there’s a craving for sugar in all our hearts. The perfect body, health and fat could be several reasons not to eat sweets but there’s one reason to do-Cake is sweet.
Here are a few cake pop ideas to try this weekend:
1.The traditional chocolate pop can be made colourful by adding sprinkles and gems.
2.Sponge cake pops can be made my dipping shaped sponge cake stuffing into the preferred molten flavour.
3.Red velvet pops can be tried with the help of a stronger cheese cake base.
4.For a healthier option, try oatmeal and raisin pops for kid’s parties.
5.Brownie pops are another rare but masterpiece creation.
6.Raw cake pops are another healthy snack that can replace the traditional one.
7.Candy apple cake pops is another new favourite.
8.Use gems to arrange a wider cake pop like the patterns of petals to make it look fancier and colourful.
9.Pink Champagne pops are the new adult candies.
10.Cherry cake pops dipped in chocolate is the perfect gift for a romantic date.
11.Pumpkin cookie dough dipped in chocolate and cracker for a bite sized dessert.
12.Cookie dough cake pops are sure to drive anybody chips and nuts.
13.Peanut butter and chocolate pops for those who appreciate vivid flavours.
14.Nutella based cake pops. Say no more.
15.Raspberry-hibiscus cake pops for a tea party is all we can ask for.
16.Bacon, salted caramel cake pops are the trio to be cherished.
17.Chocolate-orange pops with natural zest sprinkles are a treat to the eyes and the taste buds.
18.Maple-bacon cake pops are what people live for!
19.Butterscotch pops are something to kill for. 
20.Get the damn chocolate pops and put them in your mouth. Period.
Get to the kitchen and use these sinfully beautiful ideas to get that sugar rush popping!

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