Out , Out , Damn Spot

My Kitty Kitty Cat with five hungry kittens

If you are a Pet owner , you have , on more than one occasion uttered those words . We love our Furry , feathery , scaly , and yes sometimes stinky little friends from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail . Sans the pooping part . As good Americans , we love our Creators , our Country , our Children and most certainly our cherished Pets . Yes , , by God , its un-American , ( unless mandated by lease or law ) not to share our lives with our most pleasurable sidekicks , our Pets . My friends , over the years , good Americans all , nice , decent folks , have noticeable Differences about them . They are of different colors , religious affiliations and cultural nuances . Although they pray to a Supreme Being of different Names , and may kneel in specific directions when genuflecting and may prefer a Taco over fry bread , They are the fine threads that make up the multicolored beautiful fabric of who we are as Americans . One other thing that makes us the same as people , we love our Sweet Pets and they love us back without condition . Something hard to get from our fellow humans much of the time . Your loving pet will never get mad at you , steal your brand friggin new Ford E250 Van , go down town , get drunk and wrap the damn thing around a tree . Excuse me , I got a little off track here . THAT BITCH !!! Sorry again . I’m calm , and getting back to what I was saying .

As I was saying , we do have basic differences about us . The most noticeable being our complexion . My friends consist of Native Americans , Afro Americans , Hispanic and Middle Eastern Americans and certainly European Americans . I still can’t get this color thing down to where I fully understand what makes any of us the best color to be and why . The colors or lack of color , of Black and White seem to be the exact opposite of one another . Thank the Lord that Clouds , sea foam , and most writing paper are White and I for example am Light Pink in Color . For Sure thank you Jesus , my friends range in color from Light Crème Coffee , Mocha , Chocolate , dark Chocolate , Cinnamon , Cedar Tone and different hues of sunrise . It would have been bad if we were exact opposites in Tone . I would have to , and that would hurt , re-examine all my great friendships low these many years .

All these multi colored folks I call my friends , have had , and do have a menagerie of cherished Pet families . Dogs , Cats , Horses , Pot Bellied Pigs , Hamsters , Snakes , a variety of exotics and much More . With the exception of Snakes , I personally don’t get Snakes , they simply Loved them and they in turn Loved them back . I just had this thought , are all these Family friends , our sweet Pets , to stupid to notice all the differences in us as humans , or are we the stupid ones because we do .

Originally published at blog.dreamstuff2000.com on February 17, 2015.

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