Should you use Scala for Startup?

If you are aspiring to be one of the trending tech startups, you must have heard about the Scala.

Ever since their inception, the object oriented language with functional programming language has taken the developers community by storm, got the vote of confidence from bigger organization like Twitter and Airbnb and raised few questions!

  • Is Scala better than Java?
  • Who is better? Scala or Python?
  • All enterprise love Scala! I am a startup. What’s there for me?

Let’s not get into the battle of this language and that language. We know, as a startup founder, you would never like to read some boring jargons. Instead of that, we welcome to you in the world of possibilities offered by Scala to all the tech startups.

A Scalable Programming Language at your behest:

The meaning of Scala is scalable and language, signifying that it is designed to grow with the demands of its users.

In an able hand, Scala will help you the bridge the gap of your desired technical solution and your business blueprint. When a programming language commits you to stand beside your goals and vision, turning your ideas into great products become convenient.

Faster deployment:

Talking about convenience, Scala is a developer’s paradise. Many of Scala’s design decision was aimed to address criticisms of Java. Developers with the Scala have the luxury to less code than Java. On top of that, Scala understands the biggest pain of the startup.

Better options to avoid deadlock

Null pointer exception is a headache for the software developer. No, Scala will not give you complete healing but it will help you to take a guard against the massive issue. Programming in Scala, the developers will observe a considerable decrease in the number of null pointers in their code.

Developers have more arsenal at their disposal:

When you talk about Scala, comparison with the Java is inevitable. And, Scala has lot to offer more than Java. To clear the air, we are giving you a statement made in Wikipedia,

Unlike Java, Scala has many features of functional programming languages like Scheme, Standard ML and Haskell, including currying, type inference, immutability, lazy evaluation, and pattern matching.

Robust reserve of third-party APIs

When you meet a product development team with your validated idea, you list down the features of the application aligned with your end-solution and the business objectives.

Here kicks off the headache for the developers. To incorporate the features, there are two options for the developers. First, build the function from the scratch. Secondly, accept help from a third party application.

Now, let’s look at the flip sides of both the options. If you decide to build the function from the scratch, you have to invest time. Do you have that?

The second option seems viable here if you can ensure that your core application will be compatible with the third party applications.

Scala again helps here with their built-in precious functions. Thanks to them, the developers will have better controls. On top of that, Scala’s simple and straightforward code will also boost the loading speed of the application.

Reading so far, Scala will emerge as a reliable programming language for your next application. Let’s not stop here and introspect how the startups and the enterprises are leveraging the Scala-

  • Twitter’s major part of backend is developed on Scala.
  • Swiss bank UBS approved Scala for general production usage.
  • LinkedIn uses the Scalatra microframework to power its Signal API.
  • Meetup uses Unfiltered toolkit for real-time APIs.
  • Coursera uses Scala and Play Framework.
  • SoundCloud uses Scala for its back-end.
  • Morgan Stanley uses Scala extensively in their finance and asset-related projects.
  • Duolingo uses Scala for their back-end module that generates lessons

Scala with all their offerings and promises has all the potential to be a great resource of the startups when they are leveraged all.

At DreamToIPO, before unlocking our tech expertise, we engage ourselves with the idea validation and product consultation which helps us to decide the right tech stack for the right startups. Will you go for Scala now? Take the call now.

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