We love startups. Isn’t that enough?

Gaping Void thanks for this amazing creation

Have you ever thought why do you go to same shops everyday?

Or, why do you call the same physician every time when there is an emergency?

Why do you contact the same plumber, time and again?

Why do you stick to the same application when there are other products in the market?

We often stress too much of selling once or getting sold once.

But, same is not the case with the loyalty. There is some phenomenon behind the loyal clients/customers. The magic there keeps all of us glued to the same service providers, same products.

It can be-



Our inertia to try out new things

Or, probably the-

Reasons might be anything and worth introspecting but when we find out our clients keep on referring us to their friends and preferring us for their new initiatives, we feel grateful to them.

We love them absolutely and take pride in their success. And when they refer us to their friends, we work with more vigour. We just feel more responsible.

That’s what we do. That’s what we are. We just love startups and pray more generous, adventurous ideas come out and make things happen.

And of course, we want to be part of those journey and contribute as we have been doing.