What are the benefits of good UI and UX for your startup?

Have we made a big claim?

After all, your tech startup is destined to be worshipped for your revolutionary idea and all the “growth hacks”.

Question is, why we are making this big claim? Where UI and UX come into the scenario?

Let’s dive deep-

1. Adds Clarity to your vision:

UI and UX come at the early phase of your startup where you are nowhere with the ideas. The vision is there in your head and sparkling every time you visualize them but for others it’s intangible.

Spot the dilemma?

Why so? Because, they can’t visualize your vision. UI and UX bridge the gap here.

Once shaped into the frames of UI (User Interface), the users can have a look at the product/service. There are images, graphics and text to pass your information to them and button to navigate or serve their purpose.

Whereas, the User Experience (UX) helps them to interact with the application. It helps to structure the information engaging the users and let them end their purpose without a hiccup and headache.

Here audience-focused, purpose-driven UI and UX not only solve their problem but even helping you to translate the vision into a tangible product or service.

Think Uber. What if you have never heard about the Uber and someone approaches you with the idea of ending your age-long pain of finding a cab with just a fingertip?

That’s sound fascinating and yet obscure to you. Because, you can not connect all the idea dots inside your head. But once you have the actual interface-

The magic happens.

You get the whole picture. There are information for you and the flow of content that helps you to book the cab through your smartphone.

This is where the good UI and UX turn the table.

2. Stimulates your audience to solve their BIG issues:

Good UI and UX help you to draw your audience to your provided solution, catch their attention and help them to meet their purposes.

It sounds harsh but truth is none of your target audience is interested in the pages of codes that you have written or what revolutionary ideas you have. They care about their own issues and seek solutions from your application.

Imagine John, an office-goer in a rush and wanted to catch a cab for annual meeting. He landed in your mobile application. But, you have not done the UI and UX math right. And John being John hates cumbersome design. Rest of the story you better picture.

3. Drives your disruption:

Often a startup is about challenging the assumptions and the status quo, questioning everything and make it memorable. The task is mammoth and only purpose-driven UI and UX can help the dreamers to chase the impossible and grab it.

Bottom line- UI and UX drive disruption.

One quintessential example is Apple. Led by visionary Steve Jobs, they planned the developments everything around the users and kicked off the journey of disruption.

Be it the escape from the button with the first ever iPhone to relief from the tangled headphones (airpod) or offering extra space and promise of hassle-free device-management through iPhone X- they really know how to play the game of wooing audience.

4. Finding mojo:

UI and UX is not about developing something amazing to flummox everyone. Let them breathe within your web and mobile application. On the other hand, you should not create something boring running after minimal.

Striking the parity is the real game. And it’s tough. But, startups have never been easy, mate.

One who will be able to play the game of balance between the amazing and user-friendly, will win the audience love that startups chase since day one.

Talking about the audience-love, the “U” in UI and UX stands for the “Users”. Hope that helps you in realizing the need of them for your startup.

Figure it out before it’s too late.