What are the top 5 reasons to choose Ruby on Rails to develop application for your startup?

Your application can break or make your startup.

Building an application, be it web or mobile is not just about offering an online operation and solution but laying the foundation for your business. A good application where your audience completes their purposes has the potential to turn your startup massively successful.

Let’s take example of Airbnb.

Would it be possible if they have a poor application built on a frail platform unable to manage the traffic and helping their growing users?

Talking about the users-growth, here is a data of Airbnb success-

Since founding in 2008, 140 million guests have arrived at Airbnb listings, including nearly 80 million in 2016, up from 40 million in 2015.

Now, the Airbnb application has been managed to provide service to that massive traffic and supported their growth.

Now why we are so crazy about Airbnb?

Because the modern-day startup hero has been built with Ruby on Rails, an application development framework which we love.

They are not the only startup who has taken the help of Ruby on Rails to build their business.

Read out our post now to meet some of the big startups who owe their success to Ruby on Rails.

Why do they love Ruby on Rails? Let’s find out-

1. End-to-end solutions to build software:

Ruby on Rails is a complete framework providing you all required tools that you need to turn business ideas into a well-performing applications.

It is a useful framework to work on both backend and frontend. Ruby on Rails is hugely popular to do backend development. But one can use practically any front-end languages/tools (Javascript, Coffeescript, HTML5, CSS, XML, AJAX, Angular.js, React.js, SCSS, LESS and what not) in Ruby on Rails.

2. Ready to shape up big startup dream:

Yes, we have heard you. Your startup is not a ho-hum one or a prototype of other successful models. It is out-of-the box and you want to disrupt the industry or challenge the status quo.

If so, you need an architect to shape up your dream? Ushering change is not easy. It needs guts to make it happen, get the job done, inspire a generation.

Image Courtesy — Gapingvoid

You need technical brilliance too. Ruby on Rails is your best option here.

Why so?

Whatever it Takes: Ruby on Rails offers everything that your business-application needs to serve the audeince. Complex web applications like Basecamp, Github and Shopify have been built with Ruby on Rails. Today, their business earns on millions and serve massive audience.

In terms of ideas and offerings all three startups were disruptive, thought-provoking.

Basecamp challenged the popular idea of managing projects and claimed to offer a more simple option.
Github became the hotbed for the developers and programmers as they opened up a repository for their codes. Today, it’s a great community for the coders and their merge with Microsoft proves their decision of choosing Ruby on Rails was a right.
If you take any major startups, from Airbnb to Shopify to Twitter, all disruption started from Ruby on Rails.

Bottom line is that your disruptive ideas demand a scalable and credible framework. It requires a top-notch platform to captivate your revenue-generating concepts. This is where Ruby on Rails development help all the startups.

3. For every edgy idea:

Startups love Ruby on Rails for one more reason. They really don’t need to compromise with this flexible framework while choosing their business goals. Ruby on Rails framework is always ready to conceive and convert every edgy startup idea and provide solutions that the business wants to achieve.

One quick example

Consider the differences between business domains and the objectives of Github, Shopify and Airbnb.

Github is the developer’s repository where Shopify helps one to launch e-commerce and Airbnb is a marketplace for guest and host.

We have wtinessed the power of Ruby on Rails too. When we started working with Ruby on Rails, we had the chance to work with many startups. We helped them with all our might to turn their ideas into products, from diet management application to healthcare application.

If you want to explore more on this, you can dive deep inside our another blog on Ruby on Rails which talks about what startups one can build with Ruby on Rails.

4. Show up your products faster and before competitors:

Ruby on Rails is known for turning ideas into quick solutions. They have the ready-to-use plugins to shape up the idea and build the product.

This is one of the major reasons why tech startups rely on Ruby on Rails for MVP development. To understanding the pulse of their idea. To evaluate the feasibility of their startup dream. Ruby on Rails provide agile solutions to them.

5. Stand Out from the competition:

Before Airbnb, there was Craigslist with partly similar services. But, Airbnb not only had a different plan but they unveiled themselves with a fresh service with an easy-to-use yet feature-enriched application.

Do you have such disruptive plan? Ruby on Rails can be your biggest breakthrough. There are limitless opportunities for customization with Ruby on Rails. Shape up your idea as you want or create a never-seen-before web application and showcase it with winning user-experience- Ruby on Rails has got you covered.

Our Ruby on Rails experience

We are working with Ruby on Rails over one decade. We love the framework because we have experienced the value it provides to all the businesses.

Clients approach us at many different stages in the life of a product. Some wants to build it from the scracth, some looks for tech migration, some wants to enhance their application and we have found Ruby on Rails valuable in most of the cases.

You can visit our website to know what we have developed with Ruby on Rails so far.
You can also reach out to us here if you want to know more about this robust framework to build application that boost your business.