What if the good ideas are not enough for your tech start up?

No offense but truth is good ideas, alone are not enough fors tech start-ups .

Look, much has been said about the disruptive startup ideas that entrepreneurs now a days run to grab.

But, that’s the first rule of the startup. And like the epic “Fight Club” code, let’s just not talk about the disruption which eclipses other catalyst of your startup success.

Read and remember the rule.

Our logic, idea or say disruptive idea is the basic box for your startup game. You must tick it. What’s so fuss about them?

Question is-

  • What are the other most important factors for a startup to grab and march forward?
  • If we stop worshiping ideas, then who will fill the vacuum to guide the startups to success, love and IPO?

The answer is your digital presence and operation.

No one showered accolades upon Jeff Bezos for his revolutionary idea of selling books online. Everyone embraced Amazon for the opportunity to buy books online.

Got the riddle? Truth is, the idea-morphing comes much later.

Audience wants to solve certain purposes. Technology helps them to heal their pain points, meet their need, change the trajectory of life and gain social status.

  • There were smart phones before and around iPhone but Steve gave the power to touch and won the race. That’s technology for audience. But for the entrepreneur's drawing board, it’s an awesome idea which unfortunately the audience doesn’t give a damn!
  • Let’s walk down the memory lane and say hi to Orkut. The social community dinosaur Orkut was an awesome idea, but the Facebook offered way more digital functions, seamless communications and a new opportunity of virtual recognition. Rest is history.
  • The muscle of technology is now more flexed. For example, Craiglist was doing everything right. But, Airbnb took a leaf from their book, optimize their service around a specific niche and offered better options through an able tech platform.

This is the beauty of a tech startup. A lot can achieve through the digital operation.

This is why tech startups are in vogue. Turning ideas into awesome applications and offering never-experienced-before solutions.

So, is it the time to go easy with the idea and focus more on the tricks and tools of technology?

Well, that would be a suicide. What about a romance between them?

How technology can complement your ideas?

When we are talking about the inclusion of technology at your very startup chromosome, it’s not about a mere website or the in-built chat-bot.

The power of technology goes beyond just offering features and provides a holistic service to shape up your awesome idea.

It works from the core. A good startup idea needs three features to unfurl with full vigor-

  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Expertise

Now, how technology will help you to unlock all three characteristics into your startup? Time for your reading glass, mate-

  1. Commitment: Once you are confident enough of your idea and want to take a shot at it, it’s better to have adequate digital strength in your kitty to turn your ideas into reality.

If you do not have the commitment from your tech platform, it would not be possible to kick off with a bang and scale up later.

Tech startup is a real messy game. Obstacles are plenty and one needs to overcome a plethora of challenges-

  • Fast product development
  • Quick upgrade
  • Agile fixing
  • Optimal features that solve real problem

In this stiff road, one needs strong commitment from the tech partner to resolve the challenges. Consider, Ruby on Rails as a viable solution for your web applications. The modern day web framework knows how to pull out the rabbits one after another.

Biggest advantage of RoR is that the powerful web framework makes the development process seamless. In result, the project speed gets escalated. Your ideas will be launched soon without getting suffocated in the mail chain.

From Shopify to Basecamp, today’s startup heroes swear on Ruby on Rails.

2) Courage: This is what triggers disruption. Your BIG ideas will sprout from the courage.

Wow. Good pitch for making a trap to catch investors!!!

But, do you have pragmatic tech solution and support to materialize those bold thoughts into something fruitful to trigger action from your audience?

Your strength of deploying technology in aligned to your idea has a big role to play here. It will help you to shape up the big ideas that you have. It will add those excellent features that you have dreamed for. Furthermore, it will create the platform between the problem of your audience and your solution.

Think about the Basecamp. How bold move was it to provide “everything your company’s working on under one roof”. Was it disruptive? Hell Yeah.

3. Expertise: Even though you have awesome idea and now you know the solution of Ruby on Rails or other wonders of the basket, it’s may not be possible to pull all the strings together.

You need someone who understands your idea, capable enough to evaluate it, iron out the loopholes and make it ready for the market need.

You need an able hand who knows all the tricks of the book and able to bridge the gap between your idea and product.

Now, the question is, can everyone unlock all the benefits of Ruby on Rails?

Definitely not. It needs a rare combination of expertise and experience.

Welcome DreamToIPO inside your mind palace, one of the best Ruby on Rails companies.

Successfully turning ideas into great product to kick off a scalable business, today we are hustling day and night to make a difference to the approach of conceiving any tech idea and converting it into reality.

We have seen clients to come up with a premature idea. Our expertise on startup and technology has helped them to find shape and scale it up.

This is where a good technology partner makes all the difference. This is where DreamToIPO produces result. In record time.

The success of tech startup relies on the user-interaction with the technology that you will provide. It will decide the fate of your ideas. And we know how valuable are those ideas of yours. Do not let them spoil. Start scripting a great story with them right now.