What makes Ruby on Rails 5.0 version more powerful, flexible and robust

Nov 20, 2017 · 3 min read

Today 827,097 live websites using Ruby on Rails.

Once dived deep, one will find some of the modern day iconic businesses have been built with the great web application framework.

Airbnb, Hulu, Shopify, Basecamp — all have turned their ideas into reality with Ruby on Rails.

With faster development, flexibility of shaping up every edgy business idea and a robust framework to develop great applications- Ruby on Rails has been a wonderful asset since it’s inception.

But, that’s not news anymore. With the latest 5.0 version, the Ruby on Rails is better than ever or to be precise “EASIER, SIMPLER, and FUNNER.”

Question is, what makes them better than ever? Let’s meet with the latest features of the Ruby on Rails.

  1. Bond with the JavaScript:

Ruby on Rails and JavaScript has put an end to their stormy relationship. That’s a great breather for the programmers. Have a look what they have to say on this-


This is a great step from Ruby on Rails offering more scalability and stability. Time to collect the takeaways-

a) Faster Development:

Ruby on Rails is always loved for the agile application development.

Now with the JavaScript addition, coders using Ruby on Rails can code faster, way faster than the previous version. They can manage the JavaScript dependencies from NPM via Yarn. Whatever the developers will depend on through the Yarn, that will be made available in the asset pipeline.

Plus, they can compile JavaScript with webpack. The latest version is offering a new Webpacker gem that the coders can configure automatically on new projects with the webpack.

The webpack is completely compatible with the asset pipeline which one can use for images, fonts, sounds and other requirements.

b) Better Flexibility:

With the addition of Javascript in the latest version of Ruby on Rails, coders have mouth-watering option to develop amazing applications.

Take the new take on JQuery in the latest version as an example.

Previously in Ruby on Rails

jQuery was required to integrate features data-remote, data-confirm.

Now in Ruby on Rails

Forget the old practice. Move on!!! Instead of being dependent on jQuery, the developers can do it by using plain, vanilla JavaScript.

2. Robust Testing Option:

With their latest version, Ruby on Rails has taken a massive step towards offering best choice for the “testing”.

“System test driven by the real browser” is the gift from the latest version of the Ruby on Rails.

Here, the programmers will get the integrated support of writing Capybara test (a web-based test automation software that simulates scenarios for user stories and automates web application testing for behavior-driven software development).

3. More Secure Framework:

For developers and for a framework, security comes top at the checklist.

The latest version of Ruby on Rails has paid optimal attention here. Now the Ruby on Rails framework is providing an option to create a new encrypted secrets file. The secrets themselves can then be safely checked into the revision control system, in an encrypted form.

With this new process in hand, one can do away with the old process of checking production passwords, API keys, and other secrets undisguised into the revision control system.

Now, with the latest version they have extended their features and also bolstered their core strength.

What’s your take on the latest version of the Ruby on Rails? Have they covered your every need and deed?

Share your views, suggestions and expectations with us.

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