What makes Vue.JS a good Javascript framework for your startup

Imagine you have got the advantages of a good framework for your web or mobile application. No doubt, you become fan of that wonderful framework.

Then in one fine morning, some angel gifted you a fresh framework with more amazing features and some cute goodies for your developers. And the fun part is that he has done all by modifying your favorite framework.

Sounds confusing? Meet Vue.JS, a fantastic front-end framework for developing user-interfaces and beyond.

Before, we explore the advantages provided by the Vue.JS development company to your startup, we better understand the philosophy of developing Vue.JS.

Over to Evan, the father of Vue.JS.

“I figured, what if I could just extract the part that I really liked about Angular and build something really lightweight without all the extra concepts involved?”

Has his work paid off? How helpful it is helpful for the startups?

Let’s dig deep-

A rapid and robust framework for your startup:

Since day one, Vue has always hustled to offer light and fast framework.

Vue 2.0 was a major effort here. The rendering layer received the lightweight virtual-DOM implementation. It improves initial rendering speed and memory consumption by up to 2~4x in most scenarios.

Fit for your edgy startups ideas:

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building web interfaces. Combining with some other tools the Vue.JS also becomes a “framework”. This is a great leverage for the developers and your business too. As a framework, Vue.JS is is more approachable and versatile. If one has HTML, CSS and JavaScript in their armory, one can develop fascinating application with Vue.JS.

As the Vue.JS is less opinionated (you are the king here) and keeps the focus on making ideas in web UI development (components, declarative UI, hot-reloading, time-travel debugging, etc.) more approachable, the developers feel home with the Vue.JS and bring extra hustle on the table to create winning application.

Always evolving:

Vue.JS has won the hearts with their flexibility and simplicity. But they have not stopped there. Staying loyal to their philosophy of offering a developer-friendly JS platform, one of the youngest yet amazing JS frameworks is working hard to give comfort to the developers and advantage to your business.

With the latest Vue.JS edition, the open-source progressive JS framework is offering-

  • Better TypeScript Integration
  • Environment Agnostic SSR
  • Better error handling.

How popular is Vue?

All hotbed startup places are worshipping and using Vue. Have a look-

Currently, 50,705 business are using Vue.JS for their websites.

Top startups among them are-

  • adweek
  • Wdc
  • And scores of other hustlers

Now, the question is will you choose Vue.JS to develop your application?

We at DreamToIPO love Vue.JS . But, we don’t pick it up blindly.

Vue.JS has never been our default choice for the front-end development or any minimal tweaks. We always align our tech solutions as per the product development scope and business need. But, when we are sure that Vue.JS is the best choice here, our Vue.JS developers ensure you get the best of Vue.JS solution.