What startups can you build with Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that is optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity.

That’s jargon.

Question is, how good is this for your startups? And most importantly what you can build with the Ruby on Rails?

Today, we will dive deep into the robust and flexible framework of Ruby on Rails to understand it’s true potentials. Here we go-

With Ruby on Rails, one can build:

  • Web Applications, APIs
  • Mobile/Desktop Applications
  • Command line tools
  • Embedded applications
  • Java applications
  • Client-side Applications
  • Test suites for non-Ruby applications
  • Desktop and mobile games
  • Chat Application
  • Online Examination System
  • Automated Student Performance Analysis
  • Library Management system
  • Attendance Management system
  • Loan Management system
  • Content Management system
  • Marketplace or multi-vendor store

There is no limit of deliverable from Ruby on Rails. Packed with lean code, modular design and tons of ready-to-use plugins, Ruby on Rails development can turn your ideas into great applications.

So, whatever industry you are eyeing, the Ruby on Rails has got you covered for your every edgy idea.

How popular Ruby on Rails is?

We at DreamToIPO love Ruby on Rails and there are high chances we may sound biased. So, we think what about providing some stat to know the power of Ruby on Rails.

Today, 865,472 business are using the Ruby on Rails for multiple purposes. Have a look-


From e-commerce, to education, travel and search application, Ruby on Rails development is here to help you build application for every business domain.

Modern day startups love Ruby on Rails

With so much offerings, Ruby on Rails has been able to win the love of new-age startup heroes.

You name it!!!

The list is endless. So does the benefits that Ruby on Rails has given them.

A close look -

Basecamp: A project management and collaboration web application

Bloomberg: A news website.

Fiverr: Freelance service marketplace

Twitch: A live streaming video platform

Yellow Pages: A directory

Hulu- Media: On-demand Television and Video service provider

Slideshare: Slide hosting service

Github: Web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service.

  • Airbnb: Online marketplace for hospitality service

Not convinced yet?

Here is a list of red-hot industries where Ruby on Rails will help you to launch your startup with a massive breakthrough-

1. Finance and Money:

Always a hotbed and never out of equation. Right? Ruby on Rails has all the might to build a winning application here. Example- Square.

2. New-age application:

Be it Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning — one can add impetus with Ruby on Rails.

3. SaaS:

Eyes rolled. Smell of gold. Right? Yes, the lucrative Software as a Service business can pocket more growth with Ruby on Rails development. As they get a strong framework, ushering new opportunities are hassle-free with Ruby on Rails. Example: Shopify.

4. E-commerce:

With Ruby on Rails, opportunities are plenty to maintain a strong database, feature chat application to build an entire e-commerce platform. Example: Etsy.

What makes Ruby on Rails best for startups?

Startups have their own set of characteristics. Any tech stack must be powerful enough to help startups across “idea to implementation” . Let’s see what Ruby on Rails has under the sleeves-

  1. Agile Application Development. No more long e-mail trails and delay in production.

2. MVP development in record time. Turn your idea into application swiftly and test its feasibility.

3. Flexible, robust and scalable framework. Perfect fit for diverse startup ideas and future growth.

4. Stable and secure. Free of glitches and better performance.

5. Programmers love Ruby on Rails. Lean code base, modular design and plethora of plugins to shape and scale up your startup ideas.

It’s your turn now

Those who know Ruby on Rails are already seizing the benefits of it. And the numbers are escalating every day.

Looking forward to build your next application with Ruby on Rails? Want to kick off your next startup with Ruby on Rails?

Get the best Ruby on Rails solutions now.