Secrets to Find People to Donate to your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding, a way to use YOUR crowd to raise money for a cause that you think is important. Starting a crowdfunding campaign is just an initial step of the crowdfunding process. The real work begins when your campaign goes live, and you are trying to reach your fundraising target. How can you find the potential crowd who can donate to your campaign or cause?
Here we have listed the top ways to find people who can donate to your crowdfunding campaign India:

  1. Look around the Pillar

Who knows you and your cause? Every person that interacts with you on a regular basis needs to know that you are starting a crowdfunding campaign even before you launch the campaign. From the cashier at Flipkart to your daughter’s school teacher. Let everyone know what you are excited about and how they can be a part of your cause.

2. Email

People in your Email contact list should be the first online place where you share the news about your crowdfunding campaign. Regardless of when you last communicate with each person, send an email and tell them about your crowdfunding campaign and give a link to it. Make sure that you don’t CC everyone in your email contact list.

3. Make Use of Twitter

Use Twitter to make lists and find people or groups related to your fundraising campaign. You can also curate the group of Twitter accounts with similar interest.

4. Facebook & LinkedIn

Make full use of Facebook & LinkedIn accounts and share the link of your crowdfunding campaign with all your family and friends. Share it in a frequent manner by using pictures, videos and questions to motivate people to donate to your cause. You should also join the groups relating to your cause. Start connecting with the new people and Add new friends to your network. You will probably have different contacts on each social media platform so use both the platforms.

5. Google+ Groups

Join groups that talk about topics related to your cause. For example, you are raising money to help people to provide safe and purified drinking water. Go to the Google+ Groups and search for other people with the drinking water problem. Along with that find people who have the similar interest as you, you will also be in between the people who will appreciate your cause and share your campaign.

6. Photo Sharing Websites

You can also post pictures with a short description and a link to your campaign on different photo sharing websites like Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Imgur and more. Make use of the hashtags (#) to group your pictures in a common theme.

You should keep these six secrets in mind when starting a crowdfunding campaign. You can’t just create a crowdfunding campaign and expect that people will find it automatically. You have to find them and reach out and assure them that your crowdfunding campaign is worth backing.

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