Today’s Will

Today I will surrender to your will. Your will — will be my desire. When I try to wrestle this life to conform to my will, chaos ensues.

Your faithfulness is so proven from my past that it is easy to surrender my future.

Your hands guide my day, and I am at peace.

The memories of the past prove that you are the best guide, the best comforter and the perfect planner.

My fickle humanness often tries to take the reigns of life, but without fail I vere off track into a ditch of my own undoing.

Your will is calming. Your spirit is designed to comfort our restless souls. We are incomplete without your tender whispers that tell us we are your design.

You are perfect in all your ways and you call us closer and closer to your grace. You want us near you, for your word tells us that.

Your are our protector, and if we will stay close to your side, you settle our fears and remind us that you are near.

The past is history, and the future is yours. This is your message to us if we listen. If we stay close to the comforter, our hearts rest.

You have made a way, a straight path to become clothed in your image and righteousness. We get to wake and serve the King.

You are gracious and your love is unending. Your love is full and powerful, it is strong and mighty; it defeats our enemies and transforms our soul.

Your love brings me to tears because it says, I have you in my wings and I will never leave you.

It says I created you to love Me and to be loved, so let your fears leave and your joy abound, for that is my plan.

Your plan is unshakable and is perfect. If we surrender and let you guide our footsteps, we realize they are sure and stable like the foundations of the earth that you formed. They are in line with eternity. Your plan is divine and full of truth and peace.

If we seek your glory, Your Glory surrounds us in safety and beauty. Thank you God for your words and peace. They comfort and provide.
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