The Creative Behind Your Business

Art and creativity are two big focal points one should focus on when developing a brand, an ad or promotion for your business. A product is only as good as the creative behind the brand. You can have the best product in the world, but unless you are the talk of the town and have a product in every home in America (Ex. Apple, Coke) you are likely spending on some form of marketing.

With mobile and digital consumption at an all time high, businesses never had an easier entry barrier to the join the market than NOW. its 2017, just about everybody is online which is a huge asset in the marketing industry. Market targeting dollars can now be spent more resourcefully, because you can now easily find consumers who are actively browsing in your market. This in turn will produce real sales, and growth without wasting money, unlike in the past with digital marketing.

SEM is completely commoditized, so if your product or service lacks original creativity in concept or by design, it is very hard to be successful without a creative for two reasons; one because search engine marketing is just blue letters, and two because there is no room for white space. What I mean by that is you cannot truly showcase your product or service, especially if thats how it sells. People want to SEE your different types of watches, and how you install custom glass. Can you market a story?

You must focuses your attention on providing your value to consumers who actually care, by means of social targeting, promotional branding, artistic approach and organic reach. Rather than laying all your marketing dollar eggs in the SEM Basket, you should reallocate a decent proportion of those dollars to spending more on creative content production, this way we can spend more money distributing our content across different social channels.

When investing in creative, you have to think long term. Will your visual output match the conversation 10 years down the line? Consumers more often recognize specific brands of products and services lines more than the actual company that’s responsible for producing them. Everything in business is commoditized and you don’t want to be on the losing side. Create with value. More at

Bryan Quaranto