I Was A Person Who

a place where i can hide myself from everything, Bandung

July 12, 2017

7.23 PM.

3/4 types of personalities i have based on the MBTI test are changed. ENFP goes to ISTP. I took the second test approximately 6 months after i took the first one. I suppose it sums up how far have i transformed in that range of time.

I was a person who doesn’t have the hesitation to start a conversation with people i just knew.

I was a person who doesn’t need to think twice to go out with lots of friends and make those haha-hihi conversations.

I was a person who can relate to (almost) every problems my friends have and at least i was able to cheer them up.

I was a person who never missed a day without doing stupid things and make others laugh.

I was a person who has the adventurous soul; longing for going anywhere with (a) companion(s).

I was that kinda person who barely tell lies. Well at least to everyone else.

I was a person who gives others the privilege for having their problems become my priority; even above mine.

I used to have that joyful soul, i barely had the hesitation to blurt all my stories to make the circumstance feels alive.

But now,

who am i?

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