Day 4

Almost didn’t get this in in time. And there’s not much time to type. I still have to finalize project one for tomorrow morning. Lots of work! Today I downloaded the Powerpoint for Mac. Which, while everyone in class seemed shocked I didn’t have, nor had heard of prior to Monday- NONE of my friends that I’ve talked to since have heard of it either. It’s Keynote, by the way. Because it was taking me a moment to remember. Earlier at dinner I told my roommate I had to make a powerpoint presentation, but in Keynote… paused… and said- a Keynote, presentation? IDK.

I also downloaded and learned InVision. Well, learned it enough to do an incredibly basic prototype for my presentation. I made a video, so I don’t have to rely on everything click appropriately when I’m presenting. Also, this way I can add music- well, if iMovies ever decides to stop spinning it’s wheel. I think I’ve had too much happening on this computer today- I updated to Capitan. Which, just was fitting for someone saying “huh, what’s keynote?” I will find time this weekend to post the project process and final project. As well as finally login to work!

Happy almost Friday!

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