Figuring out my inner girl boss.

I’ve been staring at the cursor blink for the past 5 minutes trying to wrote about motivation, while conveniently watching “Girl Boss” on Netflix. Watching the story of Sophia Amuroso unfold is really giving me a whole new perspective about what success and motivation is, and what drives me every day.

Sophia Amoruso, girlboss.

So let me start by saying.. I have the best job in the world.

It’s not even a job, allow me to be corny for a minute, it’s a lifestyle. While I work harder than I ever have my entire life, and yet it never really feels like I’m overworking myself. Sure, I stress out like anyone else does, but I truly love what I do.

Oh right, sorry, should’ve started by introducing myself. I’m Andrea, and I’m the Head of Customer Success at ProdPad.

This is me, channeling my own girlboss… in the woods, surrounded by deer.

That’s just a title though.

I take care of most customer-facing communications, including answering support tickets, giving demos, answering people on our Twitter account and taking care of our Slack channel. I’m a one-woman support team.

Aside from that, I also QA, write our technical documentation, attend conferences, help write blog posts, do our weekly sales cohort chart, assist with billing, and do everything in my power to ensure our customers’ success. I’ve also been known for the most horrendous jquery hacks in the world. Don’t judge, they work.

I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s not easy to manage all of that. We’re a team of 9 at ProdPad, and we all work incredibly hard for our success. On top of that, having an A-type personality that pretty much means I’m up to hit the gym at 6am almost every day doesn’t help. Yeah I know, I’m one of those people.

But why, you ask?
The real question is why not. I have an amazing team, a job that I love, and a schedule that allows me to work from home and hang out with my dog.

The pupper and I.

I could go on and on about how awesome it is to work here, but I’ll just point you in the direction of the post our Head of Growth wrote. Worth the read, trust me.

Did I plan to do the job of about 15 other people? Well of course not. I was gonna be a rockstar. True story. Still waiting to cash in on my acceptance to Berklee College of Music.

But it’s really not the amount of work that matters, it’s the true and legit joy that it brings me to do what I do every day. I’m part of a movement that allows other companies to build amazing products. I’m part of their journey, and it’s so incredibly satisfying to grow with them.

I also get paid in margaritas. 🍸

Allegedly some of my life decisions aren’t the best, but this one is most certainly on point.