As a creative enthusiast I love art magazines. Seeing new artists, latest trends and exhibitions! I was teamed up with regarding a digital press. Digital presses has been increasing in the last 5 years, young readers are demanding more. Not just in quantity but in quality as well! That supports creative emerging content


Design a responsive online platform for a magazine directed to meet the needs of young creative aspiring artists.


According to research, 26% of surveyed felt the important of sharing what they read through social media. However, most felt it’s very important regarding their online presence & influence. Content is significantly crucial!

More than half UI behavior scroll down looking all the content available of a single page. Other than an images, titles are significant to attract attention. When interviewed those who interested in creative new content felt that art editorial are not emerging and primarily focused and traditional media.

Competitor Feature Analysis

Juxapotz & Hi-Fructose are 2 popular magazine in the creative spectrum. Juxtapoz is more traditional in its product. However, both focus on print. Reveals opportunities to target the new age of emerging artists.



Creative laid back Paola is a generation Z who cares about staying content and inspiration. Spends her time reading, traveling and becoming a social media influencer through instagram and tiktok. Therefore staying connected is important! She wants to be acknowledged in the art scene as a profession. Goals to have a successful first exhibition.

User Story:

As an inspiring artist, I want social media exposure and connectivity, so that can be trendy & start being known in the art scene.


Our art magazine will provide tools to grow as a new vibrant artist. Providing access to diverse creative content to embrace inspiration. Vibrant Media mission is to expand and support new artists through making them feel connected.

Marketing Position:

Art is changing with technology. Now graffiti is accompanied with a technological experience thanks to VR. Want to be visualize as part of this new & emerging age. On the other hand, creative magazine are felt traditional, urban especially in content.

Mood Board:

Yes it composed of various colors. We felt the same! According with testing 100% felt creative and emerging meeting with our brand which is evoking a new artistic culture. 60% felt similar to young & exciting.

New. Emerging. Creative. Art

paper and sharpie

Low- Fi

Everything appeared to be successful when testing paper prototype until we reached mobile homepage screen.

  1. No hamburger menus. Captions were underneath icon
  2. The different genres need to simple and noticeable like Times. User can’t be in a scavenger to find what type of art.
  3. How we are going to execute all the genres of art plus pages in navigation. Hiding everything in a 3 line menu is the easy way out! Design of the articles were changed too!
Vibrant Media Mid-Fi Screens

Many changes made after Mid-Fi Testing. My team strategize to have a similar jump to screen to next article. Sound great at the time but, was unsuccessful because we weren’t streaming videos. In the layout we had to add more importance in the article title and provide different mobile layout. Testers love to have options either scrolling down and see one by one or basic to what familiar as a content to other articles.

Visual Competitors Analysis

Both focus on being urban. High Fructose appears to be more alternative but, doesn’t feel “innovative” especially to generation z audience. Juxtapoz brand itself as contemporary, urban and underground in the art culture. Tools integrating social media and possible opportunity for submission is essential.

Style Tile & Design System

Above is the style tile that shows the structure using typography: Advent Pro & Avenir Next especially in a paragraph. Image pattern that will be consistent throughout the site. We style want to maintain a clean look with white background to balance the diversity of images in genre.

About is Vibrant Media design system showing different states with icons and subscribe button. Overall, triumph of how all the colors end up being used according from the “Mood-Board.”

Finally, put it all together and what we end up getting… what you see down below:

Final screen design and layout from homepage to article in a responsive design.


Task to start from homepage to end in a digital article about Bjork Digital VR Exhibition was 100% success. Many responses after after was attempt to share quickly scrolling down the article. Transferring that flow in responsive design was a challenge. Mobile had more alterations compared to desktop & tablet platforms.

KeyLearning & Take Aways:

  • UI involves a lot of UX decisions, from the whole concept about the magazine to small details about the design.
  • It was interesting to study new aspects of Generation Z, it is a new way to think and discover the world comparing with older generations.
  • Empathizing with new communities as part of the process of becoming UX/UI designers is amazing, art and tech have so much to offer in the future.

Art Credits:

James Jean, Joao Ruas, Mathew Grablesky, Bjork VR: James Merry, Artechouse, VRHAM, Juxapotz, Highfructose,

Illustrator & Designer based in Miami, FL. UX/UI student.