Art and Math and Science, Oh My!
sailor mercury

I dropped out of graphic design before my freshman year because I felt forced to choose between art & technology. I didn’t want my education to be spent learning a topic I didn’t love and it took me an entire year of being undecided before discovering Media Studies.

I’ve struggled with math my entire life, but naturally understood how to read code in 6th grade because I perceived it as a visual language. If these stipulations were never put into place, I could have dissected math in an entirely different way.

I just finished up a project regarding STEM (science, tech, engineering & math education programs) and I’m confused as to why art is completely segregated from these subjects… Who decided this? We’re blocking out an entire field of students who could potentially innovate life-changing solutions if they weren’t made to feel their way of thinking was incorrect.

“Technology-inspired technology gives us incremental improvements. Art-inspired technology gives us brand new ideas.” Influential read, thank you Amy Wibowo.

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