Linux is 25. Yay! Let’s celebrate with 25 stunning facts about Linux.
Quincy Larson

I was trying to remember when i started using Linux, i think it was about 10 years ago. I should mention that I have some fair experience with computers, but I consider myself sort of a garage mechanic who likes to tinker. I’ve at least tried to put it on every computing device I own. When the install works, it is really just the best. However, having said that, I’ve seen some setbacks recently. It has become more and more, instead of less and less, difficult to install of late. I have succeeded to put it on devices, like tablets, where it wasn’t used before. I’ve been able to get a fairly good install on an Asus tablet thanks to a large active group. It seems to me however that overall that using Linux on individual’s computers has reached a sort of standstill.

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