Why Bernie Lost (And Why His Supporters Need To Face Reality)
Marcus H. Johnson

I’m sorry but you fail to see so much it is disturbing. Hillary Clinton did not win the election despite all that is said about the popular vote, and she lost it against one of the worse clowns seen in modern politics. She did win the nomination. but this was at least in part by manipulating the Democratic party. This was not a democratic process, but rather a corporate one. She had ingratiated herself to the DNC. They and the corporations that run the media continuously argued for her. I’m not saying that she may not have won, but there is a lot of evidence to show that the party leadership made sure any other candidate would have a distinct disadvantage. You are right, that there was no specific conspiracy against Sanders, but the proof is clear that the institution of the Democrats is focused on maintaining itself rather than responding to the will of the people. Not that this is unique to the Democrats, but it makes the victory of Trump even more amazing. Also, I believe, and believe that it is easily shown, that both Clintons and Obama are true enemies of the progressives. The two presidents were both partially elected by progressive votes and both failed progressives in multiple ways. There is another article in Medium that points to how virtually all of the major party figures have avoided becoming at all involved in the pipeline issue. Not Clinton, not Obama, not any of these ‘centrist” have accepted the challenge of addressing that issue. Or you can look at Managed Care where it has emerged recently that our health care is still in the hands of the corporations that caused the health care cost issue in the first place. Or even Guantanamo, where Obama promised to close it quickly and it stays open. I believe that it is time to stop blaming the failure on those that might have avoided it and to focus on a party that continues to distort what it is to be liberal. A party that has been just as eager and just as easy to buy as its opposition. It is time to recognize what a great number of people already have, that out government is a corporate shill.

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