Here’s the thing with this election: racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.
Trent Lapinski

Something I find disturbing about this is reading the negative responses. When Gore lost his election there were a lot of people that accused Nader. But, then, similar to now, that was never the problem. The Democrats, since the first Clinton, have drifted further and further away from listening to people and listening to their own echos. There are times I want to scream wake up at them. Your party is slipping further and further into failure and it is because you have failed to respond to people who are seeing the country slip into the hands of a few rich. Both Obama and Clinton have betrayed those that voted for them. Stop wining and start listening. There is a huge unrest in this country and our government is not responding to it. My concern now is what will happen when it becomes clear that Trump has also failed to answer that unrest.

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