Natural Thyroid Treatment — Dr. Edward Granat by Dr. Edward Granat DC
 Dr. Edward Granat, DC 1401 W Dundee Road, Suite 202 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 847–345–5735 Do you suffer from brain fog, loss of focus, anxiety, heart palpitations, depression, lack of motivation, hair loss, constipation, or low energy? Do hate looking at yourself in the mirror because despite your best efforts to diet and exercise you just can’t lose weight? Do you feel lousy but your doctor insists that there is nothing wrong with you since your blood work is normal? Are you desperately searching for someone to help but your doctor continues to treat your symptoms without getting to the root cause? Unfortunately, your doctors just haven’t spent time investigating, digging in and figuring out what’s causing it. If you’re ready to get to the root cause of why you’re sick and get your life back, schedule a free phone consult today with Dr. Granat and find out if he can put the pieces of the puzzle together. Dr. Granat incorporates a simple all natural approach using dietary changes, nutritional supplements and functional medicine as its core principles, to help you feel like your old self again.

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