Best blogs for a UI, UX and creative Frontend people 2022.

UI and UX

1. Want to know UX secrets, check

2. You want amazing onboarding, check

3. Working on a website and need inspiration, go to

4. You want to build a portfolio or a CV, visit

5. For mobile UI and UX ideas, visit

6. When desktop app inspiration is needed, the best place is

7. As the name says, :)


1. You want weekly updates, well, there is one place called frontendweekly

2. Multiple quality JavaScript articles at

3. You all know it, but it needs to be here,

4. You want to get the latest on css, then you all know the place to go, css-tricks

5. You want to do the same for JavaScript, visit

6. If you want some amazing animations and visual effects inspiration, visit

7. Daily Dev tips on




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Andrej Vajagic

Andrej Vajagic

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