Laughing Scares Me

Today, my Venture Capital firm, Maybe Capital, will be launching a new form of social capital. This launch is a part of not just my soul, but also my personal checking account. I hope it will bring awareness to a very important issue we have in Silicon Valley: A Lack of Sense of Humor.

We tend to take ourselves way to seriously here, and even though we’re inventing amazing and life-changing apps like “Yo” and “Giphy”, Silicon Valley has a little bit of trouble differentiating between the real and the ridiculous. Because there is so much investment money flowing down the highways of Silicon Valley, and because there is so much personal ego attached to making that investment money exponentially bigger, we’re continuously walking line of perspicacious Darpa technology and “Oh! A Shiny Thing! Throw cash at it, quick!!”

Oscar Wilde’s last words were, “Either That Wallpaper Goes or I Do.”

Did you know only 3% of women founders receive investment capital for their emerging companies? In my greatest hopes, Maybe Capital represents the sarcastic, brilliant and funny side of Silicon Valley, and in light of recent times, mocks business done by old, cheeto-covered white dudes in general.

The closest distance between two people is a laugh, and one problem today is that people see each other as a million miles away. Laughter heals the world in unexpected ways, and when we laugh, we celebrate a shared moment and energize ourselves for the next one. When we’re closer, we make better products and think of better ideas.

We have a choice in life: to believe in old ideals or to invent our own destiny and reverse engineer the distance we’ve build between each other. Maybe Capital would like to reframe the old boy’s club and build new frames to work with.

We cannot feel fear and humor simultaneously, so the only way out is to laugh. :D

I’d love to live in a version of Silicon Valley where we celebrate the intelligence, perseverance, and brilliant insanity just as much as we do money, ego, and extremely awkward situations.

… If you’re thinking right now, “I gotta get into Maybe Capital in a serious way!”, please fill out the following questions, and we’ll send you a terms sheet to become an LP at Maybe Capital, LLC.