As I get ready to present the beta test of a new one-day virtual event on manifesting abundance this coming weekend, I wanted to share another excerpt from my best selling book, Stepping Beyond Intention, this particular chapter delving into the foundation of a concept that is very dear to my heart — Alignment.

You see it is my philosophy that the thing that separates our thoughts that become part of our physical reality from those that don’t is a matter of:

  1. That the thought be charged with sufficient energy to have life as 3-dimensional form.
  2. Alignment across our…

Daniel Mangena

How do affirmations really? Work? We have all said “I’m healthy” or “I’m wealthy” at some point. Maybe, we even really meant it

So what is it that separates mere words, from the creation of an outcome we have intended?

I speak to this in some detail with my ”Flow Funnel” model that I introduced to the world in my best selling book, Stepping Beyond Intention.

At the root of it however is a simple truth, we get who we are, not what we want and certainly not just what we say.

As you step out into this new week…

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Here is a simplified look at My flow funnel in action

Happy Tuesday!

I have seen a lot of BS over the last 24 hours or so that has, well got my back up a little.

Suffice to say, I am a getting more and more frustrated at how hard people work to sell the lie that you don’t have to work.

Just feel great and everything will be ok” — Good one mate…

I apologise for bursting this lovely little bubble for you, but

“Vibration must be preceded by intention, and met with a belief in the possibility and a readiness to receive.” — Daniel Mangena

Check out this extract…

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Happy Tuesday folks! I wanted to share some responses that I gave to questions asked of me on the Q&A site, For a while, these questions formed the basis for the Q&A episodes on my Podcast, but looking at this selection of questions, I was called to share them with you today.

These posted responses are very much a summary of the full response given on the podcast, as as these are the verbatim responses that I posted to Quora, the link to the relevant episode is given with each reply below.

Much love to you, and if you…

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Guilt and remorse are two powerful emotional states that, when not properly dealt with, can impose a heavy emotional burden. Moving beyond these two states and into self-forgiveness not only frees you from bringing the weight of the past into the present but also allows you to accept your mistakes and learn what to do to move forward.

Look around, and you’ll likely see some patterns in the way people deal with the burden of guilt and remorse. Some press it down, hopeful of keeping a lid on it and acting like it doesn’t bother them. Others choose to bury…

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When I first picked up “About That Life”, I set out to learn from my friend Rahshib. As a mentor and coach with a prestigious program that I have been intending to go through myself for some time (schedule permitting) I was sure that there would be some magic here.

The magic was there, but much more than that, in my journey to learning from the great man that I am honoured to call my friend, I wound up learning about the makings of the great man I am honoured to call my friend.

Another dear friend of mine, Amela…

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Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

The year was 2004 and I had just lost everything I’d mistakenly come to hold dear.

I had lost my home


Worldly possessions

My so called friends

Even the girl I had just started dating was done with me — funnily enough this was an expected and welcomed turn of events as it kind of proved me right on a twisted theory I had.

Anyway there I was. Broke. Feeling pretty alone (although I wasn’t in reality, but then again we mortals love sometimes to see the worst in a bad situation).

Coincidentally it was only as I shook…

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Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

You may have heard stories of gurus who can manifest anything out of thin air, as if by magic. The thing is, not only is it not magic, but you have the power to do it too. The only difference between you and them is that they’re not fettered by the chains of the illusion that they don’t have the power to do it. Because the second that you have a thought, that thought can show up for you here and now. …

An excerpt from my best selling book, Stepping Beyond Intention

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The last thing that I want to quickly talk to you about in relation to intention is Step Five: What is your Why? Why do you want what you’re creating?

So often we think we want something in our life, but it’s the influence of other people, places, and things that have given us the calling or inspiration to feel like we want what we think we want.

Maybe everyone else has one, so you feel like you need one too? Perhaps you are seeking validation or a boost in…

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Look up the word deliberate and the meaning will probably revolve around being intentional, calculated and purposeful about something. If someone says he was deliberate in making a decision, it most certainly means that he gave it serious consideration. Being deliberate happens not only consciously, going and goes beyond just deciding on what to do or wear, but at a subconscious level, determines whether our hopes, dreams, and goals become a reality.

Many people wish to accomplish or achieve a specific goal, a standard of living or a vision in their minds they’re convinced they can make happen, but rarely…

Daniel Mangena

Speaker, best selling author, creator of the "Beyond Intention" paradigm and host of the "Do it with Dan" podcast. Insta: @dreamerCEO

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