Danna Colman

Danna I am so sorry this happened to you. What a terrible feeling that must have been. I’d like to put out there that this was not a problem of countertransference, this was a problem of an analyst with very poor boundaries and a total lack of self-awareness. Countertransference itself is not a bad thing. It helps us psychotherapists understand what the patient might be pulling for, what they need from us, and what kind of reactions they are eliciting from others in the world. It is our job to process it with our own therapists and consultants, to examine our own thoughts and feelings, and to come back and help the patient understand their mind. More than anything, it is our job to hold firm and safe boundaries so that patients can bump up against those boundaries without fear of any lines being crossed. Your therapist crossed the line, and for that I am so sorry.

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