“Being a one-hit wonder is a pitfall that we weren’t prepared for.”
~Matt Slocum,
Texas Monthly

Collage by me. Don’t worry, not an actual Sixpence 7". Setlist is real and explained below.

In the late nineties I became increasingly frustrated that my favorite band was known as a one-hit wonder. If you search “one-hit wonder,” you’ll come up with lists of catchy songs, most of which…

From the New York Public Library Digital Collection

As Star Wars mania envelopes the globe, the creator of the almost 40-year-old film franchise, George Lucas, recently criticized the newest installment in an interview. Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which has been loved by most, currently ranks 93 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and has received an overwhelmingly positive…

I began college in search of an identity. During the summer following high school graduation I shaved my head as a small attempt to leave behind the preppy peer group I had been a part of for so long. Internally I felt different than the people I had hung out…


Why is a raw, 16-year-old EP better than a slick, refined LP released last month from the same musician?


Why do I like Kerith Ravine more than Lovedrug?

Why do I like 1999’s “The Mystery of December”…
(the last minute and 20 seconds is especially killer)

January 2017 update: Lots of the songs I embedded in 2015 have been removed from Lovedrug’s official pages: Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube, etc. …

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