The Little Known Way Perfume Makes You More Attractive

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Wearing perfume that makes us smell more like ourselves helps our potential mates determine if we have genes that will make our kids healthier.

More Evidence That it Works

Sweaty T-Shirts and Human Mate Choice

Evidence for MHC-correlated perfume preferences in humans | Behavioral Ecology | Oxford Academic

Why it Works

Humans have genes that are part of our immune system called a major histocompatibility complex (MHC). The more different a mates genes are that our own the better chance our offspring can fight off disease. We can smell these MHC on each other, and thus perfumes that make it easier for our mates to smell us make us more attractive to the right partners.

How it was done

Woman were asked to smell sweaty T-shirts after men had worn them without cologne. The women found the T-shirts of the men whose MHC genes were different from their own more pleasant smelling.

Another experiment found that women tend to wear perfumes that mimic their own MCH genes thereby advertising their MCH genes to potential mates.

Look for Iso E Super, an ingredient in a number of perfumes that helps you smell more like yourself, and acts as a enhancer of your own scent.

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