Start Your Day With A Plan. Work Your Day With A Purpose.

Ernest Jones
Dec 10, 2018 · 3 min read

What are you passionate about? And what are you doing to deliver on this passion?

How do you go about leading? And how do you use your passion to align people to your vision?

Is there anything in your background not directly related to being a leader that has had an outsized impact on the way you lead?

What’s your philosophy on building a team? What do you search for? How do you go about selection? And how to do you approach managing performance?

What data do you use to ensure you are leading effectively?

This means: I set the tone and they maintain it.

What are some of the biggest mistakes today’s leaders are making? And how would you go about fixing it?

Know this:

Work will make you run from it.

But vision will make you run towards it!

What do you see as the 2 or 3 greatest opportunities for leaders over the next several years?

Do you have any final words of wisdom for Everyday Leaders?

Ernest Jones

Written by

I’m on a quest to profile 100 EverydayLeaders doing extraordinary things.

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