It Begins


I have been sitting in the same spot for a few hours, moving constantly. Staring at the computer. Its endlessness, and limitations baffle me.

“Why can’t I just press a few keys, and have the world bend it’s will to my whim?” Our life’s unanswered mantra.

I know this is scattered and almost full of hubris, but what isn’t at this point?

The infallible tropes of a dismantled humanity on repeat. The apple of my eye started browning before I reacted to oxygen. From birth. It felt like I was in a foreign place that I would eventually call home.

A saying goes: There is no order of difficulty in miracles.

almost there

I feel like the World is my bride. I am saying my vows to make her mine, for better.

“I have flashbacks of the ‘good times’ in between.”

I document this journey as a saving point in this game of life. As I equip myself for the boss levels, I share with you, the tips I acquire.

Tangible proof of my subtle ambitions in the scope of man’s might.

I hope your optimism is the brick in your wall of hope because this will all make sense soon.

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