Building Creative Teams without Your Gut
Nick Dazé

This is a pretty cool way of looking at product design teams!

The only aspect I would challenge in it is that I think that through this lens “UX” — the way you list it out — is probably WAY too vague of a “skill”. UX can be such a huge mix of skillsets and subsets of skillsets (some that even encompass a few of the other spokes in your hexadecagon), that I think leaving it so vague is probably a bit dangerous when thinking of hiring.

If someone says that they have three years of UX experience (double experience?), that could literally run the gamut across what UX means. AKA it could be three years of market and user research, three years of usability testing, etc…

I’m sure you guys would still interview and poke and prod further, but if the point of this was to be gutless…then I think this is a fault.

Just a thought :) Thanks for sharing Nick!

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