How Do You Dress for Winter and Still Look Slim?

In the UK, it’s fair to say that our winters last around 8 months — at which point we have a 3-day heatwave, everyone declares it to be summer, and then we have another 8 months of winter.

OK, so maybe that isn’t true, but it definitely feels like it sometimes. It’s cold here and that means one thing for our fashion sense: we find it hard to look good because we always have to wear heavy clothes.

Well, it’s either wear heavy clothes or find colours that suit pale, mottled-blue, skin, which is what most of us are left with after a quick jolly outside.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help slim down that Michelin Man/Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man look that so many of us seem to pull off in winter.

As a 37-year old who’s spend at least 60 winters in the UK (remember the 8mnth/3day winter/summer season), I have managed to perfect the look over time, and I’m prepared to share with you the fruits of these labours. I’m sad that nobody shared with me, but hey, we didn’t have the internet 15 years ago — or rather, we did, but nobody was on it yet.

Mmmm, this point’s actually made me feel a bit special. I might be the first person to impart this exact knowledge on the internet — who knows? My google-Fu isn’t that great.

Anyway, I’d better get to the point before I bore you all with tales of days gone past…so, back to the point: how do you dress for winter and still look slim?

1. Wear thermal underwear.

Yes, this is a good thing to wear. In the 80s, people laughed at us for wearing it, but we had the last laugh because we were warm whilst out in the playground and they weren’t.

When people hear the term “thermal underwear”, they start to think about little old ladies (and no, I’m not that old yet!), but actually, it’s just warm underwear. Nobody can see it and it will keep you warm. It’s identical to normal underwear, except it’s ribbed (for her pleasure — because it keeps us warm) and that traps in your body heat, keeping you warm.

I’m recommending thermal underwear instead of wearing too many extra layers because they are thin and they don’t add much bulk.

2. Choose a belted puffer jacket with fur hood.

This sounds quite specific and it is, but each feature will either help you stay warm or help you look slim.

First, the warming features: the puff in the jacket traps air that your body then heats up, thereby making the coat warmer than a plain material coat. It doesn’t matter if the liner is down or synthetic, if it’s puffy, it will trap the air.

Second, the furry hood will help to keep your head warm. There’s a myth that you lose the most heat through your head, but that’s not true. The only reason why you lose more heat in that area is simply that it’s not covered. The hood will help keep your head warm.

Thirdly, the belt helps you to create the illusion of being slim. You draw the belt in at the waist and it creates a more svelte silhouette.

A Belted puffer jacket with fur hood is just about the best style of coat you can choose for winter in the UK. It has everything you need; from the ability to keep, you warm, to the ability to make you look slimmer.

I hope that you’ve found these two tips useful. If you’re interested in buying a new coat, then please visit

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