How to Wear a Long Coat to Elongate Your Height

We live in the UK, and as many of you are aware (painfully so at times), it’s cold. For this reason, long coats are a staple fashion item in the wardrobes of women across the country.

Unfortunately, there’s one big problem with long coats: they can make some of us shorter people look even shorter. Not only that, but because we look shorter, we also look a bit podgier too, to put it mildly.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that we can do to prevent this from happening, and in fact, that can make ourselves appear taller, rather than shorter. Here are our top tips to help you to do just this:

Tip 1: Always Buy a Tailored Coat

OK, so you don’t have to take your coat to a tailor, all you need to do is to make sure that the coat looks well-fitted.

The coat should sit close to your body, and tuck in at the waist, flaring out slightly at the skirt.

This is harder to achieve with certain types of coat, such as women long puffer coat, but it is possible even then. Simply choose a puffer coat that has less stuffing and larger panels. The smaller the panels, the bigger the coat will look.

Tip 2: Wear Slim Shoes

The slimmer your shoes, the slimmer your legs will look. Slim shoes create a streamlined look, and so they make you appear slimmer and more streamlined yourself.

Choose a darker colour shoe, such as black, navy, or dark green. Darker colours are also slimming.

The key thing to take away here is that the slimmer you can make yourself appear, the taller you will seem. It’s an optical illusion, but it works nonetheless. Our brains simply view slimmer things as taller than they are and larger things as shorter than they are. It’s a quirk of nature.

Tip 3: Wear Slimming and Tailored Clothes

There’s no point wearing baggy jumpers or jeans underneath your coat. If you do this, you’ll give the impression of being “stuffed” into the coat — like a sausage that has too much filling. You’ll burst at the seams, or at least you’ll appear to do so.

Slimming and tailored clothes always look better, and, if looking good is your aim, you should be wearing them as a matter of course. This is irrelevant to the type of coat you look. Slimming clothes make all coats look good; from womens long puffer coat to three-quarter length jackets, you will always look better if your clothes are tailored.

Tip 4: Choose a High, but Slim, Heel

As well as wearing slim shoes, you should try to incorporate a heel. It doesn’t have to be high — 1 or 2 inches can make a lot of difference.

The trick is to choose a narrow heel. While wedges will make you look taller, they will not make you look as tall as you would in the same height of heel, but in a skinnier heel.

Kitten heels are perfect for those of you who are unused to wearing heels, but who want to achieve the slim line look that they offer.