Dress Like A Rah

Colors Of The Wind

More like — colors of the hill.

What’s that glamorous backdrop, you ask? Inventory day at our office.

Wasn’t sure how to get these the way I wanted at the end of my day. I didn’t sit much today and was on my feet for most of it so by the time I got to do these I was out of creative juice.

I did get to put energy in to my outfit for today. It’s not normal dilemmas that most people have with coordination, pattern mixing or sock pairing. It’s a daily fight through my anxiety to remember that I’m still just a good human even without my bow ties but don’t-make-me-wear-a-dress-ever-again kind of routine.

Yes, is exhausting. But it’s also becoming fun.

Less of a statement sort of thing and more of just the norm for me. I’d rather be the bow tie photographer than the staffer who gets overlooked because they never created anything worth a second glance.

The next time you’re getting dressed, remember that some people want to crawl out of their skin, some don’t get a section in a department store, that there are people around you who will never like jeans and people who don’t know which bathroom to walk in to.

Have some empathy — compliment their socks. Doesn’t take much, ya know.

By the way, is it Friday?