Dress Like A Rah

Tweed is the way.

Canon + VSCO

Tweed is the time, it’s the place, it’s a motion. Tweed is a feeling.

Too much? Did I cross the line? Is it weird now?

I’ve been wanting a pair of navy shoes to switch it up with my dress pants at work. I go between grays and browns a lot and navy is such a win to tie those two shades in.

Snagged these winners at Buffalo Exchange last week and tried them out today with a shocking surprise: grey pants.

Darker colors in the bowtie with a bit of tweed on my shoes felt very right today as I photographed senators and events in 65 degrees.

Sometimes I look like a college professor at work, but I’m hoping only I noticed that today.

Cheers to chaotic Wednesdays and tweed on shoes!