In Life and Improv, Give People a Chance to Care

I had conspermatory class last night. That’s what I’ve taken to calling the conservatory, not because of all the dudes or anything. Just because it makes me giggle. Tee hee.

We had a substitute teach and he was awesome. He dropped some real improv knowledge on us. It was stuff that we already knew but had forgotten.

He brought the fire better than our regular teach who is jaded and doesn’t believe in improv anymore. She’s seen too many shitty scenes and auditions. What I think: She should take a sabbatical in accounting.

The teach last night said things like:

  • Go for the feels! When the scene is stuck, figure out how you feel about your scene partner.
  • Make sure the audience can see and hear you.
  • Play strong characters.
  • Be the performer that you want to watch.

I had heard all this stuff before, but not recently.

I’ve been thinking especially about how important it is for the audience to see and hear you. It seems so simple, but it gets overlooked.

If I can’t see or hear you, then I don’t care. I don’t even have the chance to care. That goes for life too.

After you do all the work, can other people see it? Can they hear it? Because that is how we get information, through our eyes and ears. If we can’t see or hear, then we can’t understand and we won’t care.

Also, being the performer that we want to watch. So important. Why would we be anything less? Would we pay $10 to see the show that we’re putting on? If not, then why expect other people to do so?

For life, try to be the kind of person you like and admire. Don’t be the other kind. That just doesn’t make sense.