The road to Digital Transformation does not go through Hybrid Cloud
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Enterprises Starve For Talent While Software Eats The World

Digital transformation translates to innovate or die. As software eats the world, today’s innovation relies upon (requires?) big data in real-time using APIs with open source on cloud computing. Tables stakes. These technologies are not the innovations, simply underlying capabilities that enable differentiated products which couldn’t exist otherwise. For those doing a shift-and-lift, hopefully it’s just phase one of refactoring.

For enterprises, its disrupt or be disrupted. The only short-term saving grace for many corporations is the very same regulatory agencies they bemoan. Many industries have rigid regulations which create a difficult barrier of entry for startups to scale from their garage without engaging in policy and partnerships. Steve Case describes this as the “third wave” in his recent book (enjoyed very much).

While software is eating the world, most enterprise are starving for talent. In my opinion, the skills gap is the bigger challenge facing enterprises. Organizations that aren’t investing heavily in their talent transformation will find it impossible to sustain a digital transformation.

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