announcing balboa foundation’s cto

i’m proud to share that we’ve filled a very important role at the balboa foundation, a cto.

fighting off isolation and its effects will take all kinds of creativity, ideas, execution and yes…technology in a lot of cases. vr/ar/mobile/etc.

mike demers

mike demers, someone who you might remember as the person who built #BlameDrewsCancer from the ground up, way before anyone did anything cool with tweets, is our cto.

mike and jason shellen recently sold their company, to pinterest. we worked together way back when at pluggd in seattle, and he’s a fantastic father of an amazing pup, who you should follow on instagram.

there’s a lot more news coming from us very soon. we’ve been working closely with a few luminaries in VR, gathering information, and preparing our asks to the world.

we don’t want to fundraise just because we can. we want to have a purpose for your hard earned dollars and time.

that purpose is real. and it is worth it. just you wait.

here’s a bit more about our mission and what we’re up to. want to help? fill out this form!