expanding the balboa family

i can’t thank everyone enough for all of the outreach and support in regards to the balboa foundation announcement. it’s going to be a slow (hopefully not too slow) and steady race. there is literally no rush, this isn’t a marketing thing. we’re actually going to help folks.

i’m excited that one of our friends, renee berry, put together a crispy new site for us, which you can check out at balboafoundation.org. in addition to the new site, we’re hosting our first meetup in san francisco this thursday. join us! we’ll chat, get to know one another, share stories and ideas, and perhaps have a few drinks.

what i’m super excited to share is that we’re adding to our team already. i’m pleased to let y’all know that sophia dominguez, EIR at rothenberg ventures and absolute VR/AR genius, is in. she’ll be exploring NYC’s tech scene soon and she’ll be able to reach the other side of the country for us.

the thing i noticed about sophia right away was that VR/AR was never a gimmick for her. she speaks the language, thinks it, dreams it. eloquently and with great passion.

welcome sophia!

oh, and prepare yourself for our first fundraiser this summer. we’re gokarting ;)